World Cup Predictions From Torrent

World Cup 2018
June 12, 2018
By: Bryan Giese

Well, Who Ya Got Winning The World Cup?

In Brazil in 2014, Mario Gotze scored what is most certainly the biggest goal of his career. With seven minutes to go in stoppage time, he collected a cross into the box from teammate Andre Schurrle and beat Argentina’s goal keeper, Sergio Romero to clinch Germany’s fourth World Cup Title.

Fast forward four years, and we come to the 2018 World Cup played in Russia. Many things have changed since the world’s last taste of National teams battling to determine who the best is. Unfortunately, this year’s tournament will not involve the USA.

Before the season, we asked some of the Milwaukee Torrent players who they predict will win this years World Cup.


Men’s Predictions

Michael DaSilva – Nigeria and Brazil, I think Brazil or Spain wins it

Paris Martins – I honestly don’t know yet. I’m keeping my options open. Germany is too good, their chemistry is unreal.

Hector Portillo – Brasiiillll. The final will be Brasil v Germany

Samuel Biek – Germany

Mark Hutchinson – England of course. No doubt. Harry Kane will win us the World Cup. Football’s coming home.

Toney Anderson – OOOOHHHH, good question. I’m gonna go with Brazil Germany.

Elvis Barclay – I will say Germany will win the World Cup because of how good of a team they are!

Drew Ruggles – It’s a toss-up. Spain, Germany, Brazil, or France.

Mike Mayberry – Argentina, Brazil, or Germany

Andrew Wiedebach – Such a tough question ha but honestly I think Spain have the best chance. Watching them in some of these friendlies before the World Cup they look too good, and have such a deep roster. I’m looking forward to seeing France, Belgium, and England though.

Stuart Grable – I feel like a number of teams can take it, to be honest. I can’t pick one right now, so I’m going with Brazil, France, or Spain.

Isaac Peryra – My heart will be always with Mexico.

Alex Stojanovski – Argentina or Germany

Women’s Predictions

Mariah Downs – I think Brazil will win, or at least be in the finals. They have the key players all around the pitch that have quality. Obviously Neymar, but also Costa, Coutinho, Marcelo and Silva are amazing players too.

Haley Johnson – I’m rooting for Argentina. But I’m excited to watch Brazil, Germany and France.

Caitlin Hawley – Germany

Nicole Hawley – Germany

Annika Martensson – You can’t go wrong with picking Germany or Spain. So I wouldn’t be surprised if either of them won it. But I would love to see someone else win.

Mary Beth Sullivan – I’m cheering for Egypt and probably Iceland. I’m still torn up about the US not going.

Robyn Elliott – Are you talking about the men’s? I’m thinking about the Women’s already. Go USA!

Coaching Staff Predictions

Coach Litton – I have Spain and Germany as my favorites. I’ll follow Mexico as they are part of CONCACAF and the strongest team from our region. And my feel good team is Iceland.

Coach Davi – Germany