FC Milwaukee Torrent

About the Milwaukee Torrent


The Milwaukee Torrent represent the next era of professional soccer in the great state of Wisconsin. The men’s squad, in 2021, is looking to return to the glory of their 2016 division championship. The women’s team will return to action in 2021. On the field, we will have a tireless commitment to perfection, and off the field, we will give back to our incredibly supportive community.

The Torrent is here to help ignite a passion for soccer in our youth and a desire to play the game at its highest levels. To that end, we have a sole focus.

Our mission is to make professional soccer accessible to everyone in Greater Milwaukee and Wisconsin, at large. The Milwaukee Torrent provides the opportunity to gather around this beautiful game and create a cohesive soccer community.

We will be an active force for urban initiatives, supporting our community’s youth throughout the state. In 2018, we partnered with the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Milwaukee, as well as Milwaukee Public Schools to provide kids with a safe, after-school environment to have fun, build friendships, and enjoy the game of soccer.

Our aim is to be the bedrock on which a lasting legacy of relentless pursuit of excellence for the game we love can be built. We are strong. We are passionate. We are indivisible. We are the Torrent!

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