FC Milwaukee Torrent

About the Milwaukee Torrent


About The Torrent
Founded in 2015, Milwaukee Torrent was formed to bring a professional team to Milwaukee’s vibrant soccer community. Starting from scratch, the club has established itself as a place where soccer fans from around the state of Wisconsin can come and watch the beautiful game at a high level. Two years after founding the team, the Torrent added a women’s team in 2017, and shortly after, a summer youth team in 2020. Becoming a fully established club, the team changed its name to FC Milwaukee Torrent and updated its crest that same year. On the field, we have a tireless commitment to perfection, and off the field, we give back to our incredibly supportive community.

Mission Statement
Igniting a passion for soccer in our youth and a desire to play the game at its highest level. Our mission is to make professional soccer accessible to everyone in Greater Milwaukee and Wisconsin, at large. FC Milwaukee Torrent provides the opportunity to gather around this beautiful game and create a cohesive soccer community.

We are an active force for urban initiatives. Since 2017 we have partnered with the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Milwaukee to provide kids throughout the city with a safe after-school environment to have fun, build friendships, and enjoy the game of soccer. Through our foundation we are able to provide free soccer camps to children who may not otherwise have access to the game. The Torrent’s supporters group and fans also regularly volunteer to help those in our community in times of need.

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