How Do I Play Soccer Overseas?

Local Intermediate Available
June 21, 2018

What Is The Best Path For Your Soccer Future?

There are always those horror stories out there about people taking advantage of young players; people that are looking to be the beneficiary of a young person’s talent. Because of this there has been an increase in player intermediates; not agents, but a guiding hand to help get players to where they want to be without being taken advantage of.

Milwaukee Torrent owner, Andy Davi has recently received pre-registration status by FIFA and US Soccer to take on such a role. What does this mean for youth players in south eastern Wisconsin?

What Is Your Dream?

Torrent versus Chicago Red Stars Reserve TeamFirst and foremost, it gives them an opportunity to see what their playing options are starting at a young age. In Europe and much of the world, clubs put soccer first and education to follow. They look for players coming out of high school to fill roster holes and advance on a global scale. Because of this, many US players are over looked or not given a proper chance to advance their playing career, because of going to college first.

A player that goes to play for their university team may not be given a chance at the world stage simply because their prime development years are past after graduation. European clubs want players in their late teens and early twenties to be able to develop them into their system of play and gain the most out of their talents.

So, in Europe players play and then go on to their studies after. This system allows agents an opportunity to exploit the player for personal gains however. Agents are able to talk post collegiate players into signing overseas contracts with clubs that are filled with loop holes that benefit the agent financially and leave the player vulnerable and not guaranteed to make a club.

Intermediate Option

Coach Davi and Drew RugglesIt’s this type of situation that intermediates like Davi hope to help players avoid. They meet with youth players at the high school and college levels and discuss what their soccer aspirations are. If their dreams are to play college soccer then they can be shown a path to success there.

If the players goal is to play at a global level, then an intermediate can help to guide the player accordingly. Andy Davi looks to assist both men and women players at the high school and college level to fulfill their dreams, while not getting taken advantage of along the way.

The benefit to having him assist in this process is that he does it free of charge to the players. He will help to guide the player in the direction they want to go, but if the dream is to play overseas, then he will help make the connection with the club. The club will then pay Davi a commission for bringing a potential player to them, and therefore no charge to the player for his services.

Beyond Making The Connection

He will also help players in the contract process, making sure they are not getting taken advantage of by the club. Once a player asks for his guidance and assistance, Davi will do everything possible to help them fulfill their dream and not be left to figure it out themselves.

“I’m very excited to help young players on their path to potentially becoming a pro soccer player,” states Andy Davi. “I had too many bad examples in the past few months where players called me because their agent didn’t do the best job and they got stuck in the country they were in. I got approached by several players and two clubs to take this step and I have already players under contract.”

For more information, or to begin the discussion EMAIL Andy Davi