Covid Readiness Plan

Published July 1, 2021

Stadium and Fan Covid Readiness Plan

This plan was created in March of 2021 based on the status of state, local, and federal guidance at the time and was updated on July 1st, 2021 based on the Wauwatosa Health Department’s updated guidelines.  FC Milwaukee Torrent would like to thank the City of Wauwatosa Health Department for their help and assistance during the pandemic.

Safety Is Our Highest Priority

The safety of our fans, players, coaches, referees, and staff is very important to the Torrent, this plan will allow our club to play home games at Hart Park with that in mind. The Milwaukee Torrent encourages all eligible supporters to get vaccinated. Please review the city’s Covid-19 Website for more details.

Fully vaccinated people can:

Resume activities without wearing a mask or physically distancing
Resume domestic travel without testing before or after travel and without self-quarantining after travel
Refrain from testing following a known exposure, as long as they remain asymptomatic
Refrain from quarantine following a known exposure, as long as they remain asymptomatic

Unvaccinated people should continue to:

Wear a mask in public spaces
Stay 6 feet apart from people who don’t live in their household
Avoid crowds
Wash their hands often
Get a COVID-19 vaccine