Torrent Spirit Tested, But Not Broken

Recap of Match versus Kalamazoo
June 2, 2018
By: Bryan Giese

Despite Result, Torrent Keep Fighting For Results

A team learns a lot about themselves when faced with adversity. You can feel the pulse of the group everywhere they are. In the locker room, on the practice field, on the pitch during a match; one thing’s for sure, you can tell this year’s squad is not giving up on each other. There is a great amount of talent in Milwaukee. There is a desire to improve every day. And, there is support from the fans that is growing. Despite Friday night’s outcome, there is plenty to be hopeful for.

Andrew Wiedabach and Elvis Barclay would exit Friday’s match early due to injuries. Wiedabach would suffer a rib injury as a result of colliding with the post after going up for a header inside the six. He would lie on the turf inside the goal for a few minutes before getting to his feet and coming off for the evening.

Later in the half, Barclay would make contact with a Kalamazoo forward who was making a run up the left wing. He would get rolled over awkwardly injuring his hip. Barclay would also spend some time on the turf before walking off under his own power. He and Wiedabach would have early match substitutions ending their evenings far earlier than they had hoped.

Heart and Determination

Andrew Wiedabach goes in on Kalamazoo GoalkeeperThe Torrent men once again showed their heart and determination. After a scoreless first half where both teams battled for opportunities, the second half would prove to test the spirit of this squad. After a second yellow card on center back, Sam Biek and a Kalamazoo goal, the Torrent refused to go away quietly. Drew Ruggles would tie the match up when his free kick from the right side would find its way past the goalkeeper on the far post.

Playing down a man and a goal to Kalamazoo in the final 15 of the match, the Torrent would find themselves playing with nine after Ruggles was sent off. The Torrent refused to collapse. Two men short didn’t stop them from maintaining possession as best they could, and putting pressure on the KZFC defenders.

If there is anything stronger in Milwaukee than the Torrent, it would be the supporters. With the chips staked against them late in the match, other fans might call it a cold spring night and head for the car. Not in Milwaukee. Led by the Flood’s growing numbers, the stands on Friday night could not have been any better. They stood and cheered. They chanted and drummed. They gave the team that extra energy needed to battle through the final whistle.

The match would end up 2-1 in favor of the visiting Kalamazoo squad. As the second half of the season rolls on, don’t think this team or their fans are ready to give up. They will take on Indiana on Sunday determined to better their effort and to bring home 3 points.