Torrent Host Team Tryouts

March 25, 2018
By: Bryan Giese

The Milwaukee Torrent hosted tryouts for both the men’s and women’s teams on Sunday, March 25, 2018. The coaching staff was looking for very specific tactical knowledge in those trying out. It’s one thing to be able to handle the ball in space or by yourself, but it is another to handle the ball in tight spaces, or know when and where to make runs off the ball.

Torrent Women’s Team Tryout Update

The Torrent women’s squad is nearly full with 22 roster spots already spoken for, but a group of eight players returned for a follow-up tryout Sunday afternoon on the outdoor turf of Hart Park. Coaches and staff had seen these women previously, but that was on an indoor surface. During the follow-up tryout, coaches were looking to see how the players handled the wide open space of the Torrent home pitch.

The players were joined by Coach Davi during small sided games, to show and instruct the hopeful group on utilizing the entire width of the field and how to use that to gain scoring opportunities. “The staff and I felt that there were a number of players here today whose play warrants the opportunity to play with the Torrent the year,” states Coach Davi.

“Today’s tryout was just another example of the high level and quality of women players we have in Wisconsin,” states Coach Mark Litton. “Their technical/tactical skills, high energy, and passion for the game are what we represent with the Milwaukee Torrent. I was impressed and feel it was a successful tryout for several of the women players attending. It was very encouraging, as we will definitely add more players to our roster!”

Torrent Men’s Team Tryout Update

The Torrent men’s team held their tryout shortly after the conclusion of the women’s tryout session. Roughly 35 hopefuls came out to showcase what they can do on the soccer field. With such a large group, players were divided into roughly 3 teams. Players were advised that position of play should not be an issue when deciding who would play where on the field.

“We are here today to evaluate soccer players, and a soccer player should not be limited to any one position on the field; at least not at this point in the season,” says Davi. “Much like the women’s team earlier in the day, I need to know that the players we select have tactical knowledge of the sport, not just technical.”

After roughly two hours of play, the coaches and staff of the Torrent evaluated the talent that was on the field and how it fits with those already signed for the 2018 season. Eleven men were selected to return in mid-April for a week long tryout with the team. These players will be given the chance to prove they belong on the team by working out, training and preparing with the men they would be playing alongside.

“It is one thing to see the players on the field in a tryout situation, but it’s something different to see them play and train with the team that is already assembled,” states Coach Davi.