Torrent Erase Two Goal Deficit In 90th Minute

2 goals by the Torrent
April 22, 2018
By: Bryan Giese

Torrent Men Score Twice In Final 10 Minutes To Draw Even

The Milwaukee Torrent kicked off their preseason schedule today with a 2:2 tie against the UW-Parkside Rangers. The sun and warmth were finally in the Wisconsin forecast, after a pair of late April snow storms blanketed the Hart Park Stadium. The men’s squad took the field for the first time today.

Many of the Torrent squad just arrived to town in the past few days. And while they did some indoor practicing, their inability to practice all together outdoors was apparent in the first half of the match. The UW-Parkside squad pressed the Torrent all over the field, and played the men physically. This culminated in a score-less first half.

Midfielder, Namanja Medic left the match at the 19 minute mark with a lower body injury. He would return later in the first half, but his nagging injury was apparent and slowed his ability to create on the left side.

“We needed to make some adjustments at the half,” explains Coach Litton. “We were to spread out in the middle of the field, and it left us unable to create in the final third.”

Second Half Excitement

At Halftime, it was announced that Goal Keeper, Tony Anderson would be replacing Augie Rey who got the start in net. Rey injured his right ankle in a collision with an attacking Ranger forward.

“I can’t tell if it hurts worse right now because of the injury or the ice on it,” stated Rey.

Rey will go for further evaluation Monday, with the hope is that it will not be anything that will keep him out of the lineup for an extended amount of time.

UW-Parkside opened up the scoring in the second half with goals in the 51st and 58th minutes. The Torrent has ten players on tryouts yet during the first two weeks of the preseason, and nearly all of the saw action after the Rangers took the lead.

Marco Perez and Peter Raymonds, already members of the 2018 squad saw action in the second half. Marco commanded the midfield well, pressing the action forward, but it was Raymonds that netted the Torrent’s first goal of the preseason at the 79 minute mark.

Then in the 90th minute it was tryout member Rommel Ramirez that finally put in a ball that rattled around the box between three or four players. It was a tough first match, and a result that the Torrent is not satisfied with, but an exciting finish that they look to build upon.

When asked, Capitan Drew Ruggles denied the idea that the team took their opponent too lightly. “I don’t think that was the case at all,” explains Ruggles. “I think we need to come out of the locker room with intensity. The physical play that we met today is what we will meet from every team in the league; it can’t affect our game. We need to come out of the locker room on Friday with intensity.”

The Torrent will look for an improved effort on Friday, April 27th at 7pm when they take on Wisconsin Lutheran College.