Torrent Add Advisory Board

December 20, 2016

The Milwaukee Torrent created an Advisory Board that will provide strategic advice to the club. The Board will consist of seven individuals, including both fans and respected professionals who will provide advice in their field of expertise. The Board will meet once every six weeks to discuss the direction of the club and other club-related agendas.

Members of the board include the following: Andreas Davi, Chairman, Thom Keehan, Business Development Director, Therese Keehan, Social Media Director and Secretary, Scott Carlson, Marketing Director, Stephen Bjork, Treasurer, Andy Busalacchi, Foundation Director and Fred Lyons, Fan and Supporter Communication Director.

Club owner Andreas Davi:
“The decision to install a board was predictable and necessary because of the rapid growth of the club and the future goal of our organization. The members chosen for the board genuinely care about the Torrent and want to help the club reach the next level by providing professional advice that will help the Torrent continue to strive for greatness as we move forward.”

The announcement comes two weeks after joining the National Premier Soccer League’s Great Lakes Conference. The Torrent’s season is set to kick off in April.