Fire 98 2 - 2 Milwaukee Torrent

May 26, 2018 - 4:00 pm
By: Bryan Giese

Torrent Women Secure First Ever WPSL Point

With temperatures in the upper 90’s, Saturday’s match-up with the Fire 98 would test the Torrent physically and mentally.  The women would continue to battle throughout; showing resilience and toughness. When the final whistle blew the Torrent were rewarded a point for their 2-2 draw.

The match began well for the women; maintaining possession, creating chances, shutting down the Fire 98 defensively. Milwaukee would spend much of the first half limiting the number of chances that got through to goalkeeper Sarah Klimisch. Defender, Kelli Swenson would play a pivotal role in making things difficult, and transitioning the ball quickly out of the back.

First Official Goal

The transition for the Torrent would generate a number of chances offensively. It would be Mariah Downs in the 27 minute that would score the Torrent’s first official goal in team history. The goal would hold as the lead tally through the first half whistle.

Both teams would battle the heat as they came out to start the second half. It would be the Fire 98 who would figure out a way to maintain more controlled possession in the second half. After relinquishing the lead at the 55 minute mark, the women would find themselves trailing at the water break in the 67 minute.

Despite the limited time they have spent together, the Torrent women pressed on together. It would be Haley Johnson in the 73 minute that found the back of the net for the final goal of the match. Milwaukee would benefit from their ability to counter the Fire 98 pressure with long balls through the middle of the park. Much like on Johnson’s goal, the Torrent utilized speed and heart to move through the space to create high quality chances in the dying moments of the match.

Optimism And Talent

After the match the coaching staff was optimistic of the talent that they have on this team. With a small number of days to practice together, the women found it hard at times to connect.

“One of the things that will come is how they click on the field,” explained Coach Davi. “They need to learn which teammate makes this run or that. This comes with time.”

“There are a lot of positives we can take out of today’s game,” stated Coach Mark Litton. “We responded when we went down 2-1. We could have easily folded; put our heads down and walked out with a loss. The things we need to fix are easy fixes.”

The Torrent women will now have ten days to get to know each other. They will next take the field on June 6 when they travel to play the Chicago Red Star reserves.