Q & A With Andrew Wiedabach

April 16, 2018

By: Bryan Giese

Before the snow started to fly this past spring weekend, we had an opportunity to sit down with Torrent forward, Andrew Wiedabach. The weather may be hampering the start of the outdoor soccer season for southeastern Wisconsin, but it is not dampening the spirits and determination of the Torrent players.

Going into your season with the Torrent, how do you prepare yourself physically and mentally? Has it changed over the years of playing?

Andrew Wiedabach: “Going into the Torrent season, mental and physical preparation is crucial. Coming off an indoor season with the Wave, I feel more than prepared physically. It makes for a smoother transition already having built up that fitness. Mental preparation can be a little tougher after the indoor season. We tend to be a bit worn out mentally, so taking a week or so to relax and rest the legs is important.”

Judging by the players that are announced to the roster already, what do you feel is the biggest improvement on this team from last?

AW: “I feel our biggest improvement on the team this year is our depth. Coach Davi has done a great job of finding some missing pieces that will fit well within the group. We felt the team had a strong core group last year, but was missing some role players. All of our additions have the potential to start, and contribute to the team’s success.”

What do you look to improve on personally from last season?

AW: “Personally, I look to improve on one main thing from last year. I felt I played at a high level last summer, but didn’t find the back of the net as much as I should have. This is something I worked on during the wave season in practice. I hope to find that composure in front of goal that I’m used to.”

Who has been the hardest team to match up against for you as a member of the Torrent?

AW: “Personally, it’s hard to pick one team as the toughest matchup. Everyone in our conference is a tough matchup, home or away. Last season I felt Detroit City FC and AFC Ann Arbor were two our tougher match ups. AFC Ann Arbor have added our good friend and former teammate Nick Barry in goal which should make for an interesting matchup. We hope to be everyone else’s toughest matchup.”

How would you measure success for the Torrent this season?

AW: “Success this season could be measured in a couple different ways. Improving on our record from last year is an obvious goal but I think we’re striving for more than that. Winning our conference title, and earning a spot in the NPSL playoffs would make for a successful season in my eyes.”

Lastly, should Michael DaSilva wear the name “Kool-Aid” on his jersey this season?

AW: “I don’t think DaSilva should be able to wear anything else on his jersey. I also think The Flood should have some type of “Kool-Aid Man” chant for him.”

Andrew, Michael DaSilva, and the rest of the Milwaukee Torrent are looking for great results in 2018. They greatly appreciate your continued support. Look for them to take the field April 22, 2018 (assuming winter has finally left Wisconsin.) Visit our Schedule page for a complete listing of match dates and times.