Milwaukee Torrent, Kerry Geocaris Featured On WBAY

April 2, 2018

Local woman pursues childhood soccer dream

By Emily Matesic

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) – Football may be king in Green Bay, but for one local woman soccer is where her heart has always been.

Kerry Geocaris is a wife, mother and successful business owner, but at 38 she felt something was missing.

She says, “I was known as a soccer player growing up, and in our community that’s what people knew me as, that’s how I defined myself as a kid. I’m Kerry Geocaris, a soccer player.”

Growing up in Green Bay, Geocaris was always on the soccer field. She dreamed of playing professionally when she grew up, but a devastating injury in high school led to a short comeback as she walked on to the Marquette University women’s soccer team as a freshman.

“The first day, I blew my knee out,” says Geocaris, “so I never got to play in college.”

For almost 20 years, Geocaris longed to be that professional athlete. She says, “I spent a lot, lot of years trying to find myself, but then also trying to rebuild my body.”

She studied anatomy and became a certified personal trainer. Now, as a life coach, she’s always preaching to her clients about following their dreams.

And she recently took her own advice.

According to Geocaris, “This past summer, I’m like, there’s gotta be a way, there’s gotta be a way. How can I keep playing in a competitive way? And I saw the press release for this team, the Milwaukee Torrent out of Milwaukee, and I said, why not!”

With a men’s professional team, the Milwaukee Torrent, already established in Wisconsin, 2018 would bring an opportunity for women and Geocaris in professional soccer.

Andreas Davi is the Milwaukee Torrent women’s coach. He says, “You have for every big sport you have a professional organization in the State of Wisconsin, but not for soccer. So I started professionally with the men’s team in 2016, and in 2017 I bought the franchise for the WPSL, what is the second highest women’s league in the U.S.”

Geocaris trained all summer. She worked on her skills, her fitness, and rebuilding her soccer confidence. In the fall, she drove to Milwaukee for the tryout, stopping in front of her freshman dorm where she thought her soccer career had ended 20 years ago.

“I sat on this bench and I literally imagined myself talking to my 18-year-old self, and I’m like, there’s a different plan for us and I just kind of rescued her and said let’s go play soccer,” says Geocaris.

She played so well that the first tryout led to a second one and she made the Milwaukee Torrent team.

“She knows how the game works, she has more experience than younger players – doesn’t matter if she played in college or not, and she still has the set to run up and down the field for 90 minutes,” says Coach Davi.

So two decades after she thought her life was over, this soccer mom and wife has a new lease on life.

“I’m almost glad it happened this way. I know I didn’t feel that way when I was 18, but now I’ll be 39 when I take the field and to go back with a completely different outlook on life, it’s really interesting,” adds Geocaris.

Brad Bordini is Geocaris’ husband. He and their two kids are not only excited but supportive of their wife and mother. Bordini says, “Just jumping into the ring and actually trying to pursue it is so invaluable and so no matter what happens throughout the season, just the fact that she’s doing it is already an achievement in itself and so I’m so proud of her.”

And Geocaris is proud of herself and she’s ready to tackle her childhood dream, even if it’s two decades late.