Historic Evening For The Milwaukee Torrent

Milwaukee Torrent Women's Team Practice
May 2, 2018
By: Bryan Giese

Highest Level Of Women’s Sport In The State

First night of Torrent Women's SoccerIt was an historic evening on Tuesday at Hart Park Stadium as the Milwaukee Torrent women’s team took the field for the first time. With TV cameras rolling, the women stepped on the field, the feeling of pride and accomplishment radiating from them. The Torrent women’s team is now the highest level of women’s sport in the state.

“When the men’s and women’s teams were in the locker room before training tonight, I got goosebumps,” described Coach Davi. “It’s a special night for the Torrent. We are all very excited for this.”

The Torrent women’s team offers an opportunity for women to continue following their dreams. Mary Beth Sullivan spoke of the team and what it means to her to be a part of it.

“It’s so nice to be playing with women who want to play at a high level. After graduating college I didn’t think I would have this opportunity, so I’m very grateful to be a part of the Torrent.”

Inaugural Practice

Tuesday nights practice has been anticipated for a long time. Since the team was announced last year, head coach Mark Litton has had the night circled on his calendar.

“It was great to finally get our feet on the ground and start training,” he expressed. “I’m excited for this team as we’ve given Milwaukee something they haven’t had in a long time.”

Coach Litton also discussed how the inaugural training session went for his team, who are still without some of the players due to college commitment s.

Kerry Geocaris and Mary Beth Sullivan“The women were excited and energized. It was a good training session and the start of something great. Once we have all the women attending, we’ll have an opportunity to better evaluate the team, get our system in place, and start moving in a positive direction.”

Nicole Hawley agreed that the night was something special. “It feels amazing! It’s so exciting to finally be out and playing with the team.”

It’s a very exciting time for the Milwaukee Torrent, the city and the new women’s team.

“It is the start of a new chapter that I see being full of adventure and personal growth,” stated Kerry Geocaris.

Her statement is echoed by many throughout the community, and will continue to be spread. The women will take the field at Hart Park Stadium for their first preseason match on May 14 at 8pm when they take on North Shore United.